Introducing a simple, profitable fundraiser to support your children’s programs!

The STORYBOOK SUPPORT program from Winterlake Press enables you to raise money for your children’s programs by selling our award- winning picture books, provided to your program at a discount.  It’s Winterlake’s unique way of investing in and supporting kids – and it’s easy and effective to administer.

Delighted customers rave:

  • The STORYBOOK SUPPORT program from Winterlake Press is by far one of the best fundraisers I have ever participated in. As a mom of three girls, I have been involved in numerous fundraisers, and this was my favorite! Not only was it simple to manage and profitable, we were excited to be able to share The Star of Christmas with everyone in our community. Our mothers’ group was thrilled with the money we raised, and we were confident knowing people were getting a fabulous story to share with their families! A win-win for all, I cannot wait to use the STORYBOOK SUPPORT program again this fall!
    -Deirdre Sullivan, Boston, MA, Charlestown Mother’s Association
  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the STORYBOOK SUPPORT program from Winterlake Press. It was truly painless! We are involved in fundraisers on a regular basis, and it is not often that you find a program so easy to put together, that yields such a nice return. The Star of Christmas is a beautiful book. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to make it available to our families, knowing that the proceeds would directly benefit our school. Thank you, Thank you!
    -Michelle Salemi, St. John the Baptist School, Kenmore, NY
For more information about the STORYBOOK SUPPORT program, call (716) 759-6154 or contact us by email.
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