Select Reviews: The Scariest Dream Ever

“The Scariest Dream Ever is a wonderful children’ fantasy…daringly illustrated in dark, slashing splashes…The Scariest Dream Ever” is the perfect book for youngsters of a certain age who have beginning bedtime fears as a stall to bedtime…This book is a hoot from start to finish.”
Midwest Book Review

The Scariest Dream Ever is a beautifully written and illustrated storybook that we recommend to parents to help alleviate worries from night terrors. It provides parents and children an opportunity to discuss bedtime rituals while sharing a humorous tale on how one child successfully deals with scary dreams!

Monkey See, Monkey Do Children’s Bookstore, Clarence, NY

“A delightful book that makes a child’s fears not only manageable but humorous. Clever and reassuring. This is  the kind of book that will stay with you and your children for years to come.”
Dr. Donna Phillips, Western New York Family Magazine


Reader Reviews:


“The Scariest Dream Ever makes me wish I was a kid again!”
Bart Kaczanowicz, NY, NY

“The Scariest Dream Ever …a beautiful book. The illustrations were amazing, the kind of pictures kids can look at over and over again and they become part of their childhood. It was a great read aloud…a children’s book…worth keeping. Love it!”
Lucinda A Holman, New York, NY

“This book is nothing less than delightful. The story is engaging and every time I read it to my daughter (who LOVES it as well!) I find myself laughing at the subtle mommy/parent humor in it as well– a joy for parents and children! The pictures are also beautifully imaginative. DiVencenzo and Martin make a good team and I hope to see them do more work together!”
Lisa Littlewood, Buffalo, NY


“The Scariest Dream Ever is as enjoyable for the adult reader as it is for the child listening!”
Heather E. Waild, Chesapeake, VA


“The perfect story for little people that cherish sharing their make believe characters and antics with Mom! Parents can relate to this beautifully written story about being awakened in the middle of the night by a short person in feet jammies….The illustrations are absolutely beautiful! They actually make the witch, the spider & the words come alive off the page! The Scariest Dream Ever will be a “read it again” book for many nights and weeks to come!
Kim B. Grant, Buffalo, NY


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