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Gold Medal
2009 Moonbeam
Children's Book Awards

Reviews and comments

"The Star of Christmas is destined to become a classic! It's so well written, and so beautifully illustrated, that it takes your hand, and leads you gently back to those days of innocence, when Christmas was simply magic."

- Jim Clare

"Sure to be a favorite for years to come, plan on giving The Star of Christmas to all of your treasured friends and family."

- Last-Minute Christmas, Woman's Day Special Interest Publications

"This gentle and golden-hued tale is going to make a lovely addition to our Advent book basket."

- Melissa Wiley, Here in the Bonny Glen review blog

"The writing is descriptive and poetic and the illustrations are truly delightful. This is a beautiful Christmas book."

- Christine Irvin, Christian Children's Book Review

"A well-crafted tale that delivers an old, important message in a fresh, attractively imagined vehicle"

- Kirkus Discoveries

"The book is a perfect children's Christmas treasure."

- Sharyn Felder, New York, NY

"THE STAR OF CHRISTMAS is an exquisite book that will delight parents and children alike."

- Anne Rice

"We will cherish the book for many years to come."

- Ann Shure, Seattle, WA

"delicate, detailed illustrations... fun-filled enumeration of what children often love best about Christmas"

- Kirkus Discoveries

"The loveliest Christmas present that I could have received."

- Joyce Santora, Williamsville, NY

"My grandchildren loved (this) book. Now we have a new Christmas tradition."

- Cherie Ansuini, Clarence, NY

"Lavish, richly colored illustrations invite the reader into the mystery and magic of Christmas while a simply told tale provides a profound insight into the ancient and sacred meaning of the holiday itself."

- Anne Rice

"The Star of Christmas is beautiful! The real story of Christmas is so gently told."

- Jocelyn Janzow Tucson, AZ

"...watercolor illustrations are full of texture and will attract children, who will find new surprises on each page"

- Kirkus Discoveries

"I can't express how absolutely awed and captivated I am at this incredible book. May the message of this book speak to many."

- Diane Montgomery, Honeoye, NY

The Star of Christmas
Storybook Chistmas Pageant
by Maria T. DiVencenzo

The Star of Christmas Storybook Pageant is an exciting alternative to traditional Christmas pageants. Children participate in a theatrical adaptation of The Star of Christmas storybook, bringing to life the charm, wonder, beauty, and sacred meaning of Christmas. Ideal for Pre-K through primary grades.

Pageant roles include The Child Narrator (voice only), The Child, China Doll, Crystal Angel, Gift Box, Jolly Old Elf, Silver Bell, Wise King and Gentle Dove. Other roles can be created based on popular Christmas ornaments and characters. Also included is a Bonus Packet with suggestions for sets, scenery & costumes, and delightful Christmas Pageant party recipes and plans.

Churches or schools who participate in Winterlake's HOLIDAY FUNDS Program receive a free production license to the Storybook Pageant Program as an entertaining way to provide an integrated, thematic Christmas season of activities.

Production licenses for The Star of Christmas Pageant are also available for purchase separately, through the Winterlake Press web store.

Publication: October 2009, $199.95 for 5 or fewer performances.
ISBN: 978-0-9816003-1-4
Available for sale directly from Winterlake Press
Copyright 2009, Winterlake Press, Buffalo, NY