Our Mission


Seek fresh voices, images and visions in story and art. Invite accomplished authors and illustrators to join our grand adventure, too! Build an intriguing assortment of picture books and novels that are infused with imagination & insight, innocence & experience, cleverness & creativity.


Take a great idea and toss it around until it becomes even better. Work in a collaborative atmosphere throughout the publishing process. Winterlake Press brings together the talents, ideas and expertise of authors, illustrators, editors and designers, as well as our marketing and sales teams. Together, we work to create timeless picture books and novels for children, young adults and parents to read again and again.


Take a story composed of words and characters that stands alone as a classic tale. Add eye-popping, dramatic, and provocative images that leap off the page, delighting and captivating the reader. Winterlake Press adds to this union of text and illustration the finest development, design and printing, so that each picture book and young adult novel is of the highest possible quality.


Work with and challenge the authors, illustrators, editors and designers of tomorrow. Engage every reader in the writing, illustration and publishing process. Employing unique programs on our website, and working together in a variety of forums, the authors, illustrators and creative teams of Winterlake Press will spark a lifetime love of reading, writing and the creative process in our young readers.

Make a Difference

Use the imaginations, voices and talents of children to change the world. Through our We Make a Difference (WMD) Program, Winterlake Press will encourage readers, students, and young people to use their personal stories and artwork to foster understanding and acceptance in their communities and throughout the world.