Winterlake's We Make a Difference Program

This school year, Winterlake Press is working with teachers and librarians throughout the Buffalo City Schools to sponsor seminars and enrichment programs into classrooms.

List of Programs

"Words Matter, Words Tell" Enrichment Program

Author/Publisher Maria T. DiVencenzo introduces students to the power of language; challenging them to consider that the words they speak and internalize ultimately determine how they are perceived, how they influence others, who they are, and who they will one day become.

"The Making of a Children's Picture Book" Seminar

Using sketches, full-color illustrations, and samples of text in various stages of the writing process- from napkin scribbles to final pages- Maria T. DiVencenzo takes primary grade students on the delightful and engaging journey from creative thought to picture book.

"Recreating History" Seminar

How does a modern day writer create characters, dialogue and events that intriguingly and authentically depict a small town in 1850? How can family stories and artifacts, handed down from generation to generation, become priceless historical narrative? Transforming students into sleuths, Maria T. DiVencenzo transports them into the mind of a writer recreating history, sorting through and seeking varied sources to ultimately create a work of historical fiction. Grades 3 - 8.

Contact Winterlake for more information about any of these programs.